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Tornado Resistant Products

Tornado Resistant Products from Ceco Door


Tornado Resistant Door and Frame Systems

Strong gusts of winds up to 70 miles per hour are not uncommon anywhere in the world, but sustained winds of that magnitude, or winds of higher speed, are generally associated with tornados.  

Damage can be caused by flying debris (referred to as windborne missiles). If wind speeds are high enough, missiles can be thrown at a building with enough force to penetrate windows, walls, or the roof.  An object such as a 2” x 4” wood stud weighing 15 pounds, when carried by a 250-mph wind, can have a horizontal speed of 100 mph and impact with enough force to penetrate most common building materials used today. 

Ceco developed StormPro tornado resistant products to resist missile penetration for use in buildings designed as shelters to protect occupants from injury now available up to 8'-0" x 8'-0" pairs.


  • Community Shelters
  • Storm Shelters
  • Disaster and Tornado Shelters
  • School Shelters
  • School "Safe" Rooms
  • Residential "Safe" Rooms

Ceco’s StormPro program of tornado resistant products now includes shutter systems. This product is being specified and used in safe rooms that require normal lighting from windows during non-threat conditions. The StormPro Shutter Systems are 4-sided SP frame units with SP doors and hardware that are installed inside the room on top of conventional exterior windows (or can be ordered with glazing to function as windows them selves). When faced with a threat from severe weather, the doors are closed (self-latching), creating security to the level of an approved storm shelter.

Doors and frames that have been tested and approved for use in accordance with F.E.M.A. Guidelines are not required to bear a label indicating their approval. Ceco Door Products affixes a label to certify that the Ceco door you are using has been tested and approved.

StormPro Tornado Shutter

Keeping windows secured during a tornado can be accomplished with the same proven technology that’s been used for door openings for years. The StormPro line Windstorm certified products now includes a window shutter system. It’s designed safe rooms that require natural lighting from windows during normal, non-threatening conditions.

StormPro Window Shutter Systems include a 4-sided StormPro frame unit with StormPro door and hardware. The units are installed inside the room in front of conventional exterior windows. When a severe weather threat occurs, the StormPro Window Shutter is closed creating a level of security equal to an approved storm shelter.