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Product Selection Guide

Determining Applications
The Product Selection Guide depicts the door recommended by Ceco for a particular application. The chart is not intended to be all-inclusive, but rather to act as a rule-of-thumb guide when selecting doors for a particular application. Consult local fire codes for fire label conditions. For unusual conditions, consult you local Ceco representative for assistance.

Product Selection Guide
Selecting doors based primarily on their low initial cost may result in abnormal maintenance and replacements. Proper door selection is based on Frequency of Use and Resistance to Impact.

Frequency of use is classified as high, moderate or low depending on the location in the building and the number of times per day the door will be used. Most building entrances are HIGH frequency openings as are toilet rooms in schools and office buildings. moderate frequency doors are those found in apartment entrance units and school classrooms. Doors that normally remain in the open or closed position are considered low frequency. On a normal project, the majority of doors are of moderate to low frequency use, and doors designed for these applications should be used.

Impact Resistance is also classified as high, moderate or low. Doors subject to high impact are usually the same doors that receive high frequency use. However, some doors, such as rear delivery entrances and service doors may be subject to high impact even though they are of moderate to low frequency. Moderate impact openings would be found in nursing homes, hospital patient rooms or school classrooms. Low impact doors are those in closets, private offices, hotel communicating doors and other such openings.

Product Selection can also be achieved utilizing the level and model criteria established by the Steel Door Institute (SDI). For a complete list of Ceco doors that comply with the level and model criteria of the SDI, as well as the ANSI / NAAMM / HMMA criteria for standards 861-00 Commercial Hollow Metal Products and 863-98 Commercial Security Products, please access the Level & Model Criteria files above.